Monday, October 3, 2011

The REAL Movie Stars: Featured Set Designs Edition 1

Recently I was talking with a girlfriend about places we draw design inspiration from. Although it is no secret that my design bible is always Restoration Hardware’s source books (love) but there are so many places out there to grab inspiration. Our discussion quickly led to a source I often overlook, movies and TV show sets.

I will almost always comment on a kitchen or couch, even a vase or piece of art in a scene, but as soon as the DVD comes out of the player, its outta my mind. Really, it’s not fair that I retain so little. Set designers have the most genius jobs and budgets to drool over and they deserve more from me.

That is why I am going to start a new post series every Monday dedicated to beautifully designed sets from movies and TV shows. Introducing The REAL Movie Stars: Featured Set Designs.

Let’s start with one of my most favorite movie houses, the Venice, CA bungalow used as Johnny’s pad in “Because I Said So.” I think I love it so much because of its small size. Living in a tiny house, its great to see similar spaces in a film. 

What a view? Venice Canal, CA

Dining Area- Love the yellow ladder back chairs

Kitchen- Those shelves above the window are a great way to showcase a collection.

Kitchen- Obsessed with the navy oven and the way it plays off the distressed yellow cabinets.

Living Room- When you can see straight through the house from the front door, its important to keep things simple low-profiled. The mix of textures and colors are wonderful.

Accent those windows and doors, esp. in a small space.

When you have limited interior space, maximize your outdoor living.

The open door policy wouldn't work in PA for about 10 of the 12 months, so I am envious of this.

Love this sweet bungalow. All images (via)
Of course, there are some changes I would make if this were my home like adding more artwork, modern light fixtures, a sleek gray tweed couch in place of the over sized red armchair, etc. All in all though I am smitten with this bungalow. Too bad it recently sold and is way out of my price range (1.26 mil)

What are your favorite small space homes featured in a movie or TV show?

Check back next week when I take a look at some great TV families homes.

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  1. love this! it is so cozy and cute! what a fun new feature idea! :)

    my favorite is the father of the bride house. . love how homey it is and the white picket fence! :)