Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Treasure Hunter

Is it normal for it to take two weeks after a vacation to get back into the swing of things? 

No? I didn’t think so…but atlas it did and that is my only excuse for my blog neglect lately. That and the fact that all of my free time lately has been spent wandering antique stores, searching craigslist (My name is J and I am addicted to craigslist) for furniture, antiques, and other pretty items, and starting-but not yet finishing- a handful of projects. Although the aforementioned things have kept me from getting more posts up on the blog, I assure you they were well worth it, because now I get to share with you my distractions in all their glory! 

The items were accumulated over the course of August and were found in Georgetown and Rehoboth, DE and in Pittsburgh at various antique malls and shops, a local goodwill and even a yard sale hosted by former Ebay/Etsy seller looking to get rid of her inventory. I love the hunt of a great piece and although I am usually extremely impatient, antiquing is the one thing I will give necessary time and love to. In addition to the beauts below, I also have a large beveled mirror, two shutters, and a 6 drawer French style dresser all in the shop –AKA my garage- getting some facelifts! I will show you them all on another day. 

Ready to see the goods? Ok, here we go…

Univ. of Delaware vanity suitcase, 2 fishing floats with netting, & set of 6 vintage linen napkins
Liberty Bell Brandy bottle, Vermouth Bottle, Etched Decanter
 While in DE we stopped at a shop where there were so many beautiful things that unfortunately had price tags so large they could make your heart stop. (There should be a warning on antique stores like this. Warning: J- this store is full of things you’ll want but can never afford!) Jokes on them! I picked up that Lejon Vermouth Bottle for $1.

Two octagon shaped mirrors (I plan on giving the gold one a face lift.)
Antique Czech Blue Glass Seltzer bottle...Hello Lover!
Set of 3 wicker baskets with handles

1935 Homestead Brewery Beer wooden crate
I love incorporating items of hometown significance like this box and the liberty bell bottle, it brings a bit home wherever you go! 

Four milk glass vases in different sizes and shapes

Set of 12 drawer pulls (screaming for some spray paint...any ideas for colors?)
And lastly, a little something that helps put me in the mood for cooler weather! A Ralph Lauren cropped wool blazer.

I definitely had the antique gods in my corner this month and have so many ideas and makeovers in the works for these items. EEEEK, I am so giddy of my recent purchases and the fact that my house is starting to reflect my taste more and more each week. Now that I shared, maybe I can stop gawking over these and finish my projects! 

Anyone have an experience of the all mighty antique gods shining down? 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am in a total funk this week and I can’t quite figure out why. Maybe its post-vacation blues or the overwhelming amount of work that piled up while I was gone, or maybe that my sun kissed skin is already fading back to a boring shade of ecru. Whatever it is, I am in need of a major pick me up tonight.

Insert a glass-OK, two glasses- of Riesling (Bogle Vineyards…love in an $8 bottle,) a piece of left over boardwalk fudge (yum!) and the World Wide Web. I’m not going to lie, I was tempted to just watch the baby panda sneezing video on repeat, but I practiced self control and instead went on a hunt for things that are currently making my heart go “pitter-patter.”

Enough talk; let’s get to the good stuff!

My recent manicure combination

Jade & Scented: Zesty Citrus both from Forever 21

The Company of Thieves station on Pandora

Do yourself a favor and check them out. You won't regret it!

Vintage wooden and feather darts on Etsy

 We played our fair share of darts this vacay and I love subtle things that remind you of family! via

The Restoration Hardware Spring 2011 Source Book
If I had to pick one store that captures everything I love about design and lust over having in my home, RH would be it, hands down! I am already giddy with anticipation for the Fall Source Book that should be coming any day (Birdcage chandeliers? I die.)

1588 World Map

Pharmacy Cabinet Series

French Academie Iron Bed Frame
Salvaged Wood & Steel Shelves

Cast Iron Dumbbells

Cast Irom Barn Door Pulley Pendant

Our updated office/guest room set-up.

Sneak Peak: more coming soon!

The fact that my very favorite colors: grays, whites, & black seem to be all over Fall 2011 trends!

H&M Fall Line (via) & Balmain Fall 2011 Runway (via)

ZGallerie Fall Preview (via)
And I can’t forget the crisp, cool nights that are starting to roll in, in anticipation for my most favorite season of all, fall. I sure hope it lasts as long as possible! I am starting to feel better all ready and the fact that it is almost Thursday; one day closer to the weekend, seems much more tolerable as well.

What gets you of your funky moods?

Check back soon for the unveiling of the updated office/guest room and to see the things I picked up at some antique stores on a rainy vacation day!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Truths for Mature Humans

While I am on vacation hoping the day consists of more sunshine than rain, I thought I would leave you with a list I recently came across on Pinterest. Enjoy and I will talk to you soon!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

34 dollar primitive dough bowl? Yes, please!

As I mentioned the other day, I am a proud owner of my very first primitive dough bowl (and certainly not my last.) When it arrived in the mail, hubs was confused as to why I was so excited for a scratched up, old bowl... I thought about explaining but figured somethings are better left unanswered, so I happily skipped away hugging my new puurty!

From Vintage Warehouse on Etsy for $34- compared to $$$ elsewhere

After admiring how rustic and used well loved the bowl was (& is), I got to thinking about where it's home should be and how I would style my empty bowl. Currently it is layered on our teeny-tiny "dining" table with a white porcelain bowl and some fillers from Marshall's but this is only temporary.

My dough bowl's temporary home

I have big plans for this baby! (Too much?) OK, well until I figure out what works best for us- my bowl and I, that is- here's some eye candy of inspiring ways to decorate with dough bowls.

Glass Fishing Floats (via)

Vintage Croquet Balls (via)
Dried Lavender (via)
Coiled sailing rope (via)

Hydrangeas (via)
What do you think, should I fill the bowl, if so with what? Would that pretty thing be best displayed on top of a bookshelf or filler-free on a coffee table? Maybe I should keep it as is, layered on my dining room table. Let me know, I know you all have great ideas.
**Also, be sure to go over to Dreamy Whites and enter for a chance to win $200 to her amazing store full of french farmhouse items! Tell her I sent you and good luck!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Goodies!

It has already been a crazy week in our household and it is only Tuesday! We leave for vacation on Saturday and I am sure that everyone knows the madness that needs to be stuffed into the week before, both at work and at home. There are very few things that can get me out of the stress funk I am in right now besides my family and friends. Here's a sneak peak of two things that brought me much needed sunshine this weekend.

We were busy this weekend taping, sanding, priming, and painting two of the four dining room chairs we found for a steal on Craigslist (about 30 bucks a pop.) We did a trial with two but trust me, the other two are already on their way to follow suite!

The sweet mailman showed up at our doorstep with a package containing my primative dough bowl that I got on Etsy for $34 (ah-maze-ing!) It was my first Etsy purchase and I am in love, I have so many ideas for this baby and am already on the look out for a long trencher version! 
Check back later this week to see how I transformed our craigslist dining room chairs and my ideas for our new (to us) dough bowl! 
What are the things that bring you smiles even on the most stressful day?

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Modern Take on Silhouettes

Slowly but surely, I am gathering the frames and images I want to display for the picture gallery planned for the dining room. Editing the amount of images is looking like the hardest part, but that is what I love about the whole idea in the first place. I can easily change and rearrange according to my mood. Since the hubs and I only have “puppy-kids” right now, I wanted to include them in the gallery. I knew these pictures of them as little babies had to be there…
Our baby girl, Brindi (are you dying yet?)
Baby boy, Brutis (they melt my heart!)

…but was also torn as to include more grown up pics as well. Too many pictures of dogs? OK, I was starting to agree, but then I thought about silhouettes… of the dogs! Although very traditional and not exactly my style, I knew I could make them more modern by forgoing the classic white and black design. I am thrilled with how they turned out; I was able to include more pictures of my babies without being “that” lady and was able to incorporate some texture and pattern to the gallery wall in the process.

Finished product
There are a ton of tutorials out there on how to make silhouettes, so I am not going to bore you with the details. However, it is such a simple project; these few images should be able to get you well on your way!

1. Find a picture of your subject's profile and print the images to fit your frame.
2. With a pair of scissors, cut out the shape our your subjects head, leaving an extended neck.

3. Trace the photo cut-out on your choice of craft paper with a pen or marker. I think a marker in the same color of the sheet is best, because it gives you a thicker line to follow for cutting. (I used a patterned velum sheet)

4. With your trusty scissors again, cut out the image from the paper. Be sure to follow your lines closely!

5. Your now finished with the silhouette and are ready to finish! Place the image on a contrasting color sheet of paper that is sized to your frame. You can use glue to adhere the image if you wish. (Since my silhouette is on thin, see through velum, I skipped this step.)
6. Place the papers into your frame and voila!

Six simple steps to go from...

Brindi on the left and Brutis to the right

...to this...

Ready to hang silhouettes of the the puppy-kids (Brindi-L & Brutis-R)
Materials needed: 
  •  Paper in two contrasting colors (one dark, one light.) I had these sheets left over from our homemade wedding programs but any craft paper will do. TIP: to make your silhouettes more modern, choose a pattern for one sheet. You can either use the pattern for the actual cutout or for the back ground, your choice!
  •  A picture of your family member's profile. I got lucky and found this picture of both dogs looking in the same direction, in one picture! You can either search for an existing picture or simply have your model pose (much easier for the non furry subjects!)
  • Picture frames. The size of your frame will determine how big or small your image should be.
  • Scissors and a pen/marker.
Total Cost: Free! I had everything on hand, but I would estimate costs at around $5.

The biggest hurdle will be getting a profile picture and having a steady hand for cutting. I love the idea of updating your silhouettes as your family grows, just add a new image every few years to show how your family has changed over time. This would make for a great family collage on its own!

Anyone have a great project planned for the weekend? I think I might paint my dining room chairs! I will let you know how they turn out (fingers crossed.) 

Happy weekend to all!