Monday, October 17, 2011

The Real Movie Stars: SATC

Wow, has it really been 2 weeks? Sorry about that, with traveling for work and life in general, things for me have been hectic. Plus, I am a full believer as to not push things and I figured a quick sabbatical would be better than half-assed forced entries. Anyway, I’m back at it and here with another great group of sets. 

If you are a woman (or a man with really great taste) and haven’t lived under a rock for the last decade then the image above sends waves of nostalgia through your body. Sex and the City gave life to the strong, independent single woman who lives life to the fullest, mistakes and all.

In this installment of The REAL Movie Stars, I want to take a look the beautiful digs of one Miss Carrie Bradshaw.

It all begin in the one bedroom apartment with a killer walk through closet filled with drool worthy clothes and shoes. 

I know Carrie only uses her kitchen to store extra sweaters, but really? They couldn't do a little better?

I will always have a sweet spot for Carrie’s original apartment. It has this weird combo of old mismatched decor that isn’t all that glamorous but its because all the glamour is in that closet. Can you blame her?

After being left at the altar and being so close to calling this closet home in the first movie,

Carrie returned home and had Charlotte’s friend Anthony give it a complete face lift.

Besides the lamps, I think it's trying to hard.

However, like any good fairytale, Carrie finally got the man for good and in the second movie we get a peek into the home Carrie and Big share as husband and wife. 

Marrakesh winged headboard

The mirror, the lamps, the wallpaper = love!

I want that couch so bad!
Which place is your favorite? Personally, Big and Carrie’s place had me at winged headboard and those blue 3d tiles in the kitchen!

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