Monday, October 24, 2011

The REAL Movie Stars: Eat, Pray, Love

This week I have to showcase a movie based on one of my most favorite current books, “Eat, Pray, Love.”

If you have ever had a book (or movie for that matter) speak to straight to your soul, then you can understand my connection to this story. Without getting too philosophical on ya’ll, I will just say Liz Gilbert is a courageous woman who has a way with words that melts my heart and clears my head all at once.

The book, and therefore the movie, follows a woman on a journey through Italy, India, and Bali on a year long quest to find herself after a harrowing divorce and failed rebound relationship. If you have ever needed the courage to eat that plate of pasta or to open the search to find a closer relationship with God, Eat, Pray, Love is your ticket. Not to mention, if there are three places in the world to bring more beautiful scenes in a movie, I challenge you to show us! 

Without further ado, I give you the beauties that are the Eat, Pray, Love set designs…

*Disclaimer: I can't seem to find a picture but you must check out the amazing chevron patterned hard wood floors on Liz's New York City Suburb home in the beginning of the movie.  She goes into her bathroom in a midnight moment of desperation praying that God show her the way back to happiness. As emotional and wonderful the scene is, I can never focus on anything except that floor!

Then we move on to David's (the yogi from Yonkers) NYC studio apt, which I find is a nice preview and segway into what is to come esthetically on the journey.

Then comes Rome and in particular the apartment that Liz calls home for the next four months. Although the place is kind of a slum with scaffolding holding up the ceilings and having to boil bath water, it has this amazing charm and authenticity. A simple beauty.

"Il dolce far niente" The sweetness of doing nothing.
The journey continues onto an ashram in India. The actual ashram didn't bring much excitement to me in the terms of decor and design, but outside the walls are where the true beauty really lays.

I have a weird love for Indian weddings. If anyone would like to invite me to one, I will be happy to attend!
Liz then finishes her year in Indonesia, visiting a Balinese medicine man named Ketut Leyer and finds true balance in life when she meets her soul mate, Felipe.

I know this story has inspired a lot of men and women to take an internal evaluation of their lives and to even embark of journeys of their own. With the beauty of these countries showcased, I can't blame them...

Bon Voyage!

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