Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Color Blind

Creating a cohesive home takes time and thought, and for me the most frustrating piece of the puzzle has been settling on a color scheme. I know my basics as they are no brainers in my world…whites, grays, black, and dark wood = my heaven. The headaches came in when I tried to finalize my accent colors. 

I know this might sound ridiculous; accent colors are causing me headaches? I need a vacation or a maybe a valium- but it’s true. Want to know my hardest wedding decisions? What color towels to register for. No lie, I’m crazy. So picking a solid color scheme to define our home was a big deal and took some time.

Close...but not quite right

As much as I love the soft neutral palettes to accompany my basics, I’m a bit too loud for such a quiet home. The decision happened more organically then I anticipated. After looking around the house for my favorite things and a few antique store purchases over the summer, it became evident that my accent colors would be shades of emerald green and royal blue.

Most favorite candle in the perfect blue glass container
My emerald green seltzer bottle is currently my most favorite item.
Now that I have my color scheme finalized: whites, grays, black, dark wood tones and pops of emerald green and royal Blue...off to my beloved Pinterest for some more inspiration:

Emily Henderson's perfect blue wing back office chair


Kelly Wearstler is a genius with color and pattern
All images via Pinterest or property of AG&AK
What are your houses color scheme? Did they come from a picture in a magazine, a favorite outfit, a stragetically planned operation, or a happy coincidence? I have been working on a few projects to get my new colors happily incorporated into the house. Check back soon to see how.

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