Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Treasure Hunter

Is it normal for it to take two weeks after a vacation to get back into the swing of things? 

No? I didn’t think so…but atlas it did and that is my only excuse for my blog neglect lately. That and the fact that all of my free time lately has been spent wandering antique stores, searching craigslist (My name is J and I am addicted to craigslist) for furniture, antiques, and other pretty items, and starting-but not yet finishing- a handful of projects. Although the aforementioned things have kept me from getting more posts up on the blog, I assure you they were well worth it, because now I get to share with you my distractions in all their glory! 

The items were accumulated over the course of August and were found in Georgetown and Rehoboth, DE and in Pittsburgh at various antique malls and shops, a local goodwill and even a yard sale hosted by former Ebay/Etsy seller looking to get rid of her inventory. I love the hunt of a great piece and although I am usually extremely impatient, antiquing is the one thing I will give necessary time and love to. In addition to the beauts below, I also have a large beveled mirror, two shutters, and a 6 drawer French style dresser all in the shop –AKA my garage- getting some facelifts! I will show you them all on another day. 

Ready to see the goods? Ok, here we go…

Univ. of Delaware vanity suitcase, 2 fishing floats with netting, & set of 6 vintage linen napkins
Liberty Bell Brandy bottle, Vermouth Bottle, Etched Decanter
 While in DE we stopped at a shop where there were so many beautiful things that unfortunately had price tags so large they could make your heart stop. (There should be a warning on antique stores like this. Warning: J- this store is full of things you’ll want but can never afford!) Jokes on them! I picked up that Lejon Vermouth Bottle for $1.

Two octagon shaped mirrors (I plan on giving the gold one a face lift.)
Antique Czech Blue Glass Seltzer bottle...Hello Lover!
Set of 3 wicker baskets with handles

1935 Homestead Brewery Beer wooden crate
I love incorporating items of hometown significance like this box and the liberty bell bottle, it brings a bit home wherever you go! 

Four milk glass vases in different sizes and shapes

Set of 12 drawer pulls (screaming for some spray paint...any ideas for colors?)
And lastly, a little something that helps put me in the mood for cooler weather! A Ralph Lauren cropped wool blazer.

I definitely had the antique gods in my corner this month and have so many ideas and makeovers in the works for these items. EEEEK, I am so giddy of my recent purchases and the fact that my house is starting to reflect my taste more and more each week. Now that I shared, maybe I can stop gawking over these and finish my projects! 

Anyone have an experience of the all mighty antique gods shining down? 

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