Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Olive Leaf Stencil Giveaway

Two posts in one day?? Hey, when something good comes a long, I am a firm believer in sharing! The always fabulous Mustard Ceiling has an amazing giveaway going on right now with Olive Leaf Stencils. Talk about a dream team, huh? Anyway, together they will be gifting a lucky winner their choice of an OLS stencil! Just visit the site and pick your favorite design, then by sure to let The Mustard Ceiling know by leaving a comment.

I think I would have to go with an Ikat pattern since I have been loving the design lately and already have about a bizzilion DIY ideas, like pillows, curtains, artwork, etc. However, a guilty pleasure of mine is mentally designing my future kids bedrooms. Am I alone here? Yes? (Well, that’s embarrassing!) Anyway, keeping it real, I just love the Jellyfish or Octopus for a boy’s room and the Chrysanthemum No. 1 for a girl’s room. 

Ikat No. 4

Chrysanthemum No. 1
What stencil would you choose and what would you do with it? Let me know and be sure to enter over at Mustard Ceiling (tell her I sent you!)

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