Thursday, August 11, 2011

34 dollar primitive dough bowl? Yes, please!

As I mentioned the other day, I am a proud owner of my very first primitive dough bowl (and certainly not my last.) When it arrived in the mail, hubs was confused as to why I was so excited for a scratched up, old bowl... I thought about explaining but figured somethings are better left unanswered, so I happily skipped away hugging my new puurty!

From Vintage Warehouse on Etsy for $34- compared to $$$ elsewhere

After admiring how rustic and used well loved the bowl was (& is), I got to thinking about where it's home should be and how I would style my empty bowl. Currently it is layered on our teeny-tiny "dining" table with a white porcelain bowl and some fillers from Marshall's but this is only temporary.

My dough bowl's temporary home

I have big plans for this baby! (Too much?) OK, well until I figure out what works best for us- my bowl and I, that is- here's some eye candy of inspiring ways to decorate with dough bowls.

Glass Fishing Floats (via)

Vintage Croquet Balls (via)
Dried Lavender (via)
Coiled sailing rope (via)

Hydrangeas (via)
What do you think, should I fill the bowl, if so with what? Would that pretty thing be best displayed on top of a bookshelf or filler-free on a coffee table? Maybe I should keep it as is, layered on my dining room table. Let me know, I know you all have great ideas.
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