Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wall Photo Gallery

HELLO SEPTEMBER! Really, it’s September already? Well, time certainly flies but I am so ready for fall this year. What can I say, I am a jeans and cardigan kind of gal and I welcome the cooler weather and fewer mosquitoes! 

I’m already side tracked…what was the point of this post again? Gallery walls, right. I’ve been lusting over gallery walls for some time, but wasn’t sure where to start our own. I entertained the idea of creating one in our bedroom, but once I decided to re-vamp our tiny dining room, I knew a gallery wall would be the perfect fit. 

Here are some of the photos I’ve kept around for inspiration:

 Pottery Barn (via)
Eric Cohler Designs (via)
Young House Love (via)
Ikea 2012 Catalog (via)
I decided to keep all of my frames black and print my pictures in black and white to keep uniformity even though the frames are different sizes and shapes. Some frames have mats included and others don’t. Now onto the picture selection (this was actually the hardest part in my opinion.) The hubs and I had an awkward experience when looking for our last house that made us promise to practice self control in the self portraits we had in the house. I swear the couple had hung every single image their wedding photographer took in their house. I'm sorry, it's weird.

magazine cutouts
in progress
To get the shape and spacing, we used a real classy technique. We ripped out pages form the local newspaper magazine to the size of the frames and frog taped (obsessed) them into position. A few picture nails and some leveling later, we were finished. We intend to update, add, and swap images and frames over time but here is what we came up with. I’m super happy with it.

I am a bit shocked that some of the frames aren't completely crooked! Ha.
Anyone ever experience a house that had far too many personal pictures strewn about? Have a gallery wall of you own? How do you pick and choose the pictures to include? 

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  1. I love wall photo galleries. I usually just use the most recent family photos that we have taken to make my gallery.
    Although I did just do one for my daughter's 10th birthday. I had removed and painted the drop side of a crib and asked my husband to put it up on the wall. It hung there naked for a while, but I finally got inspired when the birthday rolled around to simply affix photos of her taken throughout the years. It turned out great!