Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rock 'N' Roll

I had every intention to write a post yesterday, but my body fought it! This weekend, the hubs and I took to the pavement and ran in the Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon. It was a first for us both and in fact, it was my first running race since I was probably 12 or so. (My 5th grade track coach would have fallen over at the sight…let’s just say running has never been my friend.) 

It wasn’t easy and I am so thankful it is over, but we did it and even though my legs may hurt for the next week, I am really glad we went through with it and am proud of us for finishing!

Anyway, while I iced and elevated yesterday instead of posting, I did catch up on some blog reading/pinterest searching and wanted to share some eye candy I found along the way.

Living Savy's Wingback Chair
The two fabrics really make the wingback chair less fussy (via)

The Nester’s book release party (as seen on Emily A. Clark)
Love that vessel full of rolled pages (via)
More rolled pages (via)

Charming Little Nest's Monogrammed Wreath
Love! (via)

Vintage Revival's Rhino Head Mirror 
Obsessed! They took inspiration from the Anthropologie version (via)

YHL House Crasher Series (I don't know how I missed these!)
Love the pop of green and the mirror (via)
Genuis: cut wine bottles turned into a chandy (via)

What did you do this weekend? Any runners out there who can offer tips? What do you draw inspiration from?

Be sure to check in tomorrow, I have more eye candy for you. This time, centered on great decorations for the quickly approaching Fall season (Friday people!) without breaking the bank or being too theme-y. That’s right, I make up words, don’t you?

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