Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Our master bedroom wasn’t exactly the fairest of them all and needed a sprucin’. 

The room is not very wide and the hubs and I both have fairly large dressers in the space, so I thought mirrors would be a good solution to bounce around light and make it appear larger than it is. So, after collecting a few mirrors from yard sales and the local Goodwill, a can of ever trust white spray paint, we are enjoying the room much more. 

It all started with these three mirrors that had great potential but needed a visit from the spray paint fairies:
only cost me 10 buckaroos!
the gold one was 3.99 and the silver one was 5 (originally from JC Penney for $80!)
After a quick spray of True Values True White spray paint (I don't recommend it, spend a few dollars more and get the good stuff.) Since my dresser is taller of the two, I decided to take the smaller two and arrange them on the wall over top. The larger of the two, with a basket weave detail, serves as a great spot to put on my jewelery and makeup in the morning.

The picture above is my very favorite picture of my brother and me when we were little, playing pirates (maybe we confused pirates and construction workers...sweet bandanna and overalls, J!) in the drive way.
It was his birthday yesterday, Happy Birthday Old Man!
The hubs got the 3ft mirror on his dresser and I have to admit, I am a bit's beautiful!
You might notice that we took out the ugly insert panel. Love
Two recent long sought after finds, a wooden dumbbell and an Indian club.
See that sweet reflection in the mirror?
That's right, we have Johnny Cash over our bed. We are pretty much awesome, we know! Ha, although not for everyone, we love him and it fits so well into the space.

I have been looking for an equal size June Carter. It would be perfection.
There are still a few more things to do before the room is finished, but I'll be sure to show you the complete package and its pieces as we go! So how about you, what hangs above your bed? Anyone ever see a large framed picture of June Carter?

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