Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lists and Challenges...Oh My!

Lists and challenges, I have a love of both, so it was a welcoming coincidence that the same day I promised to share my Summer DIY To Do list with you, I came across a DIY challenge! Two of my very favorite design bloggers, Sherry at Young House Love and Katie at Bower Power, posted a Pinterest Challenge on Tuesday where you have one week to stop pinning and start doing! 

Although I am new to Pinterest, I had my “to do” list written and was up for the challenge! I quickly got to pinning (anyone know a good Pinterest Anonymous group? I may need it) and have two projects in the running. Although Sherry and Katie (and the amazing Emily Henderson of HGTV, who is also taking the challenge) are not disclosing their DIY craft of choice, I am…in a minute.

First, let me share my “Just do it already” list!

As the "projects" are tackled, I will share with you more details of each!

OK, back to the Pinterest Challenge (my adrenaline rushes every time I say the word CHALLENGE!) If you notice in the list above, there is a good amount of light fixtures listed. Maybe it is because I can't stand to look at the “boob” lights in our bedroom and office any more or maybe it’s because I keep coming across great tutorials. Either way, I have narrowed down my craft to one of these two beauts:


This might win because it reminds me of my DIY wedding decorations (pictures below!) and since our 3 month anniversary is tomorrow, seems fitting to tackle this now. 

However, the capiz chandy below is a close runner up because it's extremely intriguing to me. Will the wax paper really look like capiz shells? I would most likely follow the third pic because a.) A sewing machine is currently foreign to me (didn't you see the last thing on my to-do list?) and b.) I am impatient and this way seems quickest!

via via via

Want to know which project I choose?? Check back on Tuesday for the big reveal and my (hopefully successful) tutorial. Do you want to join in on the fun? Read and watch all about it here and be sure to share your creations with me.

I am off to the craft store! I will wait until tomorrow because a HUGE storm is here and now our power is out and the car alarm is beeping...crafting will have to wait!

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