Friday, July 29, 2011

In my life, I loved you more

 As I mentioned in my  post yesterday, today is the three month anniversary of our fabulous wedding! 
 Is it weird to celebrate months of marriage? Yes, but I have an least enough of one that works for me. The hubs and I dated for close to 6 years before we tied the knot, yet never had an actual anniversary. We never decided on a specific day that we were going to be exclusive, it just kind of happened naturally, so now that we have a real date, it's exciting. (I never said it was a good excuse, just an excuse.)
Our escort cards- attached to vintage skeleton keys

Wedding date in roman numerals...mMm, cant wait to eat that baby in 9 months!
 Anyway...Happy three months (and 6 years- since as the hubs complains that 3 month sounds like we just met and that he has "served under me" much longer and deserves that recognition) to my partner in crime who puts up with my craziness and some how keeps me grounded while always supporting my wild aspirations! Marrying you was the smartest thing I ever did <3

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