Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hometown Tourist & Birthday Girl

Prantl's Birthday cake from my wonderful Mother-in-law
July is always a busy month, ten years ago it was packed full of summer swim meets and days at the pool. Now it is a little more work and a lot less play, but every year when July rolls around, I find it is full of great memories.

My parents came to visit a few weekends ago and I always love when they come. Not only is it great to see them, but it gives me an excuse to be a tourist in my own city. On Saturday the hubs, my parents, and I drove over to the SouthSide and grabbed lunch outside at the Double Wide Grill (yum!) Then we made our way over to the Univ. of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning. Sounds like a snooze fest, I know, but it is an amazing place. I heard at least three people mention Hogwarts while in the main study room. The CoL (its 6:30 am, I am not typing it out people!) is a must see in Pittsburgh not only for Harry Potter fans but also to anyone who wants to be taken away to 27 countries, via working classrooms decorated to represent the country.


The Yugoslav Room

The Czechoslovak Classroom "Truth Prevails"

The Greek Room

On Sunday, we took my parents to one of my favorite places, the Phipps Conservatory. I forgot to bring my camera but we had a great day and that place is amazingly beautiful. Phipps is also on my list of must see places in Pitt. 


Overall, we had a great weekend with the parentals and I am already thinking of places to go for the next time they visit! 

The next weekend was one of my favorite times of the year, my birthday! It was a big one this year as I celebrated a quarter century of life and I wanted to do something. A big party was out of the question for a few reasons, although I love to host a party and birthdays, I don't like having my own b-day party (weird, I know) and I would need more friends in the area (Party of 5 may have been a hit show, but I don’t think it constitutes as a big bash.) Last minute the hubs and I decided to take our wonderful friends up on an offer to use their cabin in Deep Creek, MD and had a getaway, just the two of us and the puppykids! We had a great time biking, running, hiking, kayaking, etc. We even got the babies back into some water and to our surprise they jumped right in and were swimming machines. 

Deep Creek, MD

Hiking with the dogs at Deep Creek State Park

The puppykids enjoying the water

With so much excitement in July, you’re probably wondering, but J what will you do the rest of summer? Not to worry! We still have a family beach vacation in a few weeks and I am determined to finish (well, start and finish) my DIY TO DO list! Stay tuned because later this week I will be divulging my list, full of light fixtures, wedding pictures, and tackling our love deprived dining room! 

Do you have a favorite “tourist” spot in your hometown? Have any great weekend getaway spots? Let me know, I am always looking to add places to my travel bucketlist!

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