Friday, June 24, 2011

Aquarium Toilet, seriously.

We have been having some issues with our bathroom lately. The tub, the toilet, and the sink all have decided to strike at one time or another in the last month or two. Since we are looking to renew our lease for another year, we wanted to make sure we had a plumber come take a look before our tub wound up in the living room, “Money Pit” style.

So today, our landlord sent a plumber and while he was clinking and banging, I was secretly fantasizing about what I would have in my dream bathroom…

Two things: dual shower heads and an amazing mosaic (via for Modern in MN)
Unique his and her sinks (via)
Claw foot Soaker Tub (via)
I think I’ll move in… the sea foam green mosaic tile and that lighting fixture alone have my heart and that tub just screams for bubbles and a good book. (via)
One thing I can honestly say is not on my dream bathroom list is this toilet aquarium.
Come on, this cannot be serious!
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately in regards to the fish tank loo,) we didn’t get any of these; in fact all we got was a new drain for the sink. Oh well, here’s to dreaming and to a sink that doesn’t leak! 

What’s on your dream bathroom list?

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